Hello World!

Welcome to Mister 11’s blog. Over the coming months you will be given an insight into the current world we live in.

To see the full picture of the 21st century we will be drawing information from as far back in history as the start of the Industrial Revolution (1780s), going further back with three notable exceptions. This isn’t to say that this particular timeline in history is the most important, it is simply to emphasize how this period has helped shape the early 2000s.

We will be exploring geopolitics, the three main Abrahamic religions, the global economy and the environment. These topics are crucial in order to understand mankind’s current predicament and to give us a vision of where society is headed in these coming years, especially if the system continues to run ‘business-as-usual’.

The structure of each post will aim to keep things as brief and to the point as possible, yet it will contain enough information to give a detailed story; as unbiased and as factual as possible. Since topics can be quite sensitive, especially regarding religion, all attempts will be made to keep a very neutral perspective. No side is favoured over the other.

Please note that all claims and points made in each post will be supported with substantial evidence and multiple references. These references will be provided should you wish to learn more or want to investigate further, and although these references may originate from what others perceive as left-wing or right-
wing sources; what is most important are the facts. For example, exploring the impacts mass migration has had on Swedish society may be considered ‘right-wing’ where as a discussion on the corruption of capitalism and the US financial industry may be labelled ‘left-wing’. Whether left or right, facts are still facts.

Please stay tuned for the next upcoming post.

Mister 11


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